Story Time: Everyone's War Chapters 1-5 are up

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Story Time: Everyone's War Chapters 1-5 are up

Post by Squirrel500 on Mon May 05, 2014 7:54 pm

Chapter 1:The Torluns of Tigru

Tigru City, 2073

The sun shone down on Ashlin as she lay in the grass. The sun's rays reflecting off her golden hair and baking her milky white skin. She was taking her afternoon nap when she was abruptly woken by a kick to her side.

"You know Xam's looking for you?" Ashlin looked up to see her twin.

"Drake, what does Xam want this time." Ashlin slowly sat up.

"He has our dinner ready and you know..." Drake was saying just before Ashlin interrupted.

"Yes I know, he wants us to eat together like a family, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it a hundred times brother." Ashlin was now on her feet and started to walk passed Drake. Her emerald eyes met Drake's. His eyes were brighter then hers.

"Look Ash, a plane, sigh, you think Xam will allow me to become a pilot?" Ashlin looked up to see Drake pointing at a plane.

"You still want to be a pilot bro? Xam won't allow it, he won't even let me buy the sword I want," Ashlin had disappointment in her voice. A moment of silence fell over the twins.

"Come on Ash, Xam is waiting for us," Drake told Ashlin, "last one home gets to do the dishes."

"You're on Drake!" Ashlin exclaimed as she ran off.

"Hey!" Drake chased after her hoping to catch up to his sister. Ashlin made it to the house before Drake. She slammed the door in his face,

"Ashlin!" She turned around by the door to see Xam.

"Oh hi Xam, hehe, ummm...Drake and I were racing and..." Ashlin told him nervously.

"How many times do I have to tell you two to stop slamming the door!" Xam exclaimed.

"Yes sir....what did you make for dinner?" She asked him.

"Why did you slam the door in my face Ash!" Drake finally joined them in the house.

"Well you were being slow and..." Ashlin tried to explain.

"Both of you go wash up for dinner!" Xam ordered.

"Yes sir!" Both of them replied as if they had been in trouble. They both marched to the bathroom to wash up and soon they sat at the dining table with Xam.

Xam had made roasted chicken with baked potatoes and strawberry pie. Some of the food ended up in Xam's dark coco colored beard.

"Hey Xam, I saw a plane today," Drake said with a feeling of caution.

"Oh really Drake? There's a lot more of those around since the airport opened," Xam replied. Drake looked at Ashlin to see her opinion on what he should say next.

"Xam, I'm eighteen now and I was wondering..."Drake paused.

"You want to be a pilot?" Xam asked him. "What would've dad thought about that?" Drake just looked at his food in silence. "Look let's talk about this later. Just to let you two know, Kanda gave me tickets to her ballet and she requested that the Torluns attend," he told them.

"A ballet, brother, Xam, do we have to?" Ashlin asked Xam.

"Well she wants us to attend and I'm sure we're the only Torluns in the city," Xam replied.

"Ashlin, you're a girl, shouldn't you love this type of stuff?" Drake asked with sarcasm in his voice.

"Haha, very funny Drake, you know I don't like all that stuff," Ashlin answered.

"Okay you two; once you're done clearing the table and the dishes are cleaned, I want you two to get dressed. Your best clothes please. And that means a dress for you Ashlin, did you hear me?" Xam questioned.

"Yes Xam," Drake and Ashlin answered.

Drake washed the dishes after Ashlin cleared the table. Ashlin was dreading wearing a dress to of all things a ballet. It wasn't the fact that she didn't have one; it was the idea of wearing it that troubled her.

"Ready to wear your dress Ash?" Drake spoke very sarcastically.

"Don't ask brother, are you going to iron your suit?" Ashlin knew Drake hated wearing his suit as much as she couldn't stand wearing a dress.

"That's good enough, now go change," Xam ordered. He was wearing a faded blue suit that he inherited from their father.

"Dad's suit?" Ashlin asked.

"Yes, it fits and well he's not using it anyway now," Xam replied. He then motioned for his sibling to go get changed.

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Re: Story Time: Everyone's War Chapters 1-5 are up

Post by Squirrel500 on Mon May 05, 2014 7:58 pm

Chapter 2 Mara Lace

"There, you two don't look too bad," Xam told his siblings as they joined him in front of the door.

"Xam, are we walking to the theater?" Ashlin asked.

"Well I have a surprise for you guys," Xam paused and Drake and Ashlin looked at each other. "I got the car I've been looking at." A wave of happiness came over them. "Now come on you two, Kanda is waiting for us."

The three of them stepped out of their house to find a four-door red X-Kar in front of them. The wheels were snow white with the hub caps painted a crimson red, there was a silver trim outlining the doors and window, and the windows were a tinted rose color. Drake and Ashlin got in the car, both being careful not to get their clothes dirty.

"So what's the ballet called Xam?" Drake asked.

"Kanda said its called Mara Lace," Xam told his brother, Kanda is playing the lead."

"What's it about?" Drake continued to question.

"Not totally sure, we'll find out once we get there," Xam told him.

They sat silently the rest of the trip. Ashlin moved impatiently in her pale pink dress. Drake couldn't stop messing with his red tie. Both were counting down the minutes until they were at the ballet theater.

"You didn't fall asleep now, did you?" Xam asked the twins.

"No Xam! Ashlin and Drake exclaimed.

"Good because, we are at the theater. I think Kanda wanted us to meet her backstage. And before I forget, here's your tickets," Xam handed Ashlin and
Drake each a yellow ticket with "MARA LACE" written in bold red letters.

"How are we going to get backstage Xam?" Ashlin asked.

"Kanda said all we have to do is tell one of the guards who we are," Xam answered.

"That sounds promising," Drake whispered once again a hint of sarcasm lingered in his voice.

Xam opened his car door and stepped out, Ashlin and Drake followed their brother. Xam was heading for a door in a small alleyway near the theater. A big bulldog looking security guard was standing in front of the doorway.

"We're here to see Kanda Maise," Xam told the guard.

"What's your name?" The guard picked up a clipboard and began to search a list of names.

"We are the Torluns, Xamuel, Ashlin, and Drake Torlun," Xam replied.

"Oh yes, Xamuel Torlun, Miss Maise said you would be arriving. Her dressing room is at the end of the hall, last door on the right. When the show starts, your seats are in the balcony." The guard had opened the door and pointed to the hallway straight in front of them. They followed the guard's directions to Kanda's room.

"Xamuel!" Kanda appeared out of thin air and hugged Xam.

"Kanda! Told you we'd be here," Xam's blue eyes met Kanda's dark eyes and he leaned in for a kiss. This act of romance disgusted the twins.

"Should we leave you two love birds alone, Xamuel," Ashlin spoke with some disgust in her voice.

"You don't like the idea of your brother being in love?" Kanda quickly remarked.

"Miss Maise, five minutes!" A stage manager had ended the conversation.

"Okay," Kanda kissed Xam on the cheek, "I should go, meet me here after the show, and Ashlin."

"Yes Kanda?" Ashlin asked.

"Nice dress," Kanda motioned for them to leave.

"That little bi..."

"Ashlin!" Xam yelled.

"Hey you! Your seats are this way," a stagehand showed the Torluns to the balcony.

From the balcony they could see the stage. There were dark colored pillars with golden vines climbing them on each side of the stage. A bright blueish light was hovering over the center of the stage. There was a pit in front of the stage where hundreds of musicians sat and the light from the center of the stage made the instruments glimmer in the dim light.

The Torluns sat in velvet red seats. They had a perfect view of the stage. They waited for the ballet to begin and soon enough a man in a black suit appeared from behind the curtain.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the man began, "We have a wonderful show for you tonight! We have the always beautiful Kanda Maise playing the lead role!"
There was a huge uproar from the audience.

"Is she really that famous?" Ashlin whispered to Xam.

"Yes she is," he answered her.

"May I present Mara Lace!" The announcer stepped off the stage and the curtains opened.

The set was of a cottage surrounded by snow covered pine trees and an ice covered lake could be seen nearby. Kanda stepped out of the cottage door and the audience once again clapped. Kanda was wearing a knee high white dress with matching crystal earrings. She danced around the cottage as if she was searching for something or someone.

"Xam what is she doing?" Ashlin asked.

"Let's see, I think she is a snow queen who lost her crown," Xam answered.

"You got that from her dancing around?" Ashlin whispered.

"No Kanda gave me her script."

"What! A ballet has a script!"

"Could you be quite Ash, I'm trying to sleep," Drake was in a slight daze as he said that.

"Drake," Xam paused, "you shouldn't be sleeping."

"Hey, Xam," Ashlin got Xam's attention, "looks like your girlfriend is getting close with that guy," Ashlin was pointing to the stage.

"It's a love story Ashlin, now let's watch the ballet," Xam said, he turned their attention back to the stage.

A man was spinning Kanda around in his arms. They were both graceful in every way. Stage hands released doves from behind the set and Kanda and the man paused.

"If one of those bastards poops on me, I'm going to have fried dove for dinner tomorrow," Ashlin thought as she watched a dove fly in front of her.
Kanda and the man froze, they were still like statues. The lights were dimmed and the two of the soon faded away in the darkness. The curtains were soon close and the crowd gave a final uproar.

"Is it over?" Drake was surprisingly awake and looking at Xam for an answer.

"No, that was the end of Act I," he answered.

"What!" Ashlin and Drake exclaimed.

"Just kidding, I wanted to see if you were both awake." Xam stood up from his seat. "Now, do you guys want to wait here or follow me to Kanda's dressing room?" Xam asked the twins.

"Come on Ash, let's leave the love birds alone," Drake said as he closed his eyes, he was ready for another nap.

"Yeah I think I will stay here too Xam," Ashlin told Xam.

"Okay, I will be back in a little bit," Xam walked away and left the twins to nap on the balcony's seats.

Xam walked down the hallways and soon ended up in the backstage hallway. The cast and crew were scattered throughout the area. Xam finally made it to Kanda's dressing room; he knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

"Come in," a faint voice said from behind the door.

"Kanda," Xam said as he slowly opened the door.

"Xamuel!" Kanda hugged him; she had tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong Kanda?" Xam felt a bit worried.

Back at the balcony....

Ashlin sat staring at the stage while Drake napped in his seat.

"Hey Drake!" Ashlin paused. "Drake!"

"What do you want?" Drake asked sleepishly.

"Is it me or do you have a bad feeling?"

"A bad feeling, what do you mean Ash?"

"I think there's something wrong with Xam and Kanda," Ashlin told him; she was trying to hide the worried look on her face.

Just as those words left her mouth, a man ran out from behind the stage curtains. He appeared to be in a hurry. Ashlin looked at Drake hoping he was looking at the stage, he was.

"You want to chase him down, don't you?" Drake asked his sister.

"Damn right!" Ashlin exclaimed.

"Fine, let's chase after him," Drake stood up and walked toward the entrance of the balcony.

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Re: Story Time: Everyone's War Chapters 1-5 are up

Post by Squirrel500 on Mon May 05, 2014 8:01 pm

Chapter 3: Kanda's Ring

"My ring! That man stole my ring!" Kanda exclaimed, her faced was partially covered by her dark purple hair. She had rivers of tears pouring down her face.

"You ring? As in the ring I gave you? My mother's ring?" Xam questioned.

"Yes, I am sorry Xamuel, I really am. That man had a knife and he said he would kill me." Kanda started to cry more, more tears fell down her face.

"Okay, stay here and lock the door, I'll get your ring back. I'll teach that man not to mess with woman!" Xam jogged out the door and shut it behind him, hoping Kanda would lock it. He stood there for a second until he heard a click of a lock. Xam then ran to the stage and jumped off the edge, almost tripping on his own feet. He ran through the now emptied seats and was soon standing in front of the theater, he saw Ashlin and Drake pinning a man to the ground.

"Xam!" Ashlin waved at her brother, "He had mom's ring, how did he get it Xam?"

"I'll tell you guys later, now let's call the cops," Xam answered his sister while he was grabbing a wireless phone from his pocket.

Twenty minutes later...

"Xamuel! You got it back! I can't believe you got it back!" Kanda exclaimed as she kissed Xam.

"You can actually thank Ashlin and Drake for that, they got the guy who stole it," Xam replied.

"Thank you both," Kanda said.

"Are you okay Kanda?" Xam asked.

"Yes I am and to think I once considered that man a friend," Kanda told them.

"Hey Kanda, was that man the guy who was spinning you around in the ballet?" Ashlin asked.

"Yes he was, we grew up together when I lived in Daltrivia," Kanda answered Ashlin.

"What? Daltrivia? Isn't that the big military fortress east of Tigru City?" Ashlin questioned.

"Yes it is Ash, now Xam, why does Kanda have mom's ring?" Drake asked.

"I was going to tell you guys sooner, but," Xam paused.

"You haven't told them yet Xamuel?" Kanda seemed shocked at what Xam was saying.

"Tell us what Xam!" The twins exclaimed, they seemed to be annoyed.

"About a month ago," he paused, "I'll just come out and say it, I asked Kanda to marry me," Xam had almost mumbled the last part of his sentence. A wave of silence washed over the room.

"Are you serious Xam! You've got to be kidding me!" Ashlin said with traces of anger hovering in her voice.

"Calm yourself Ashlin, now can you tell us how you got the ring back?" Xam asked as he looked at Ashlin, she sighed before she told her story.

"Well you see..."

Fifty minutes earlier...

"I think there's something wrong with Xam and Kanda," Ashlin told Drake; she was trying to hide the worried look on her face.

Just as those words left her mouth, a man ran out from behind the stage curtains. He appeared to be in a hurry. Ashlin looked at Drake hoping he was looking at the stage, he was.

"You want to chase him down, don't you?" Drake asked his sister.

"Damn right!" Ashlin exclaimed.

"Fine, let's chase after him," Drake stood up and walked toward the entrance of the balcony.

"I have a feeling this is going to be fun," Ashlin said with a smirk on her face.

She followed Drake down a narrow staircase that lead them to the doors to the theater's foyer. They both hurried, hoping they would be able to catch up to the man from the stage.

They managed to carefully and quietly open the foyer's doors so they wouldn't draw attention to themselves. Many people had gathered in the foyer for what looked to be an after party for the ballet. Drake and Ashlin stood back to back as they scanned the room for their prey, the man they had only seen minutes before.

"Hey Ash, there he is," Drake said as he nudged Ashlin's back, she turned around to see him pointing at a man standing by the refreshments table.

"Good work bro, now let's lay low and see where he goes next," Ashlin told him as she searched for a hiding place.

They split up, Ashlin found a pillar to hide behind while Drake mingled with the crowd. Ashlin could see Drake in the midst of a group of people near the man.
She had a clear view of the refreshments table and stealthily hid in the shadows of the pillar so no one would see her. The man soon joined the group that Drake was in.

"Wonderful job as always," a woman told the man as she patted him on the back.

"Where is Miss Maise?" Another asked him as she took a sip of her drink.

"She was feeling a bit under the weather I'm afraid," the man told the women. "Pardon me ladies; I have a meeting to attend." The man said his farewells and started walking in the direction of the main doors.

Ashlin ran to get Drake from the group he was in; he met her half way in the center of the room. They walked a few feet away from the man, trying not to let him catch on that they were following him. When he was out the doors, he had reached in his pocket and pulled out a phone, he seemed to be talking to the person he told the women he was going to meet.

"I wonder who he's talking to?" Ashlin thought out loud.

"Not sure Ash, but let's find out, shall we?" Drake asked and Ashlin replied with a nod. They opened the main doors with stealth and crouched down behind the man.

"Yeah....I got the ring, I'm telling in you man, Kandy's boyfriend must be loaded. Three hundred? Nah, we're looking at least six for this thing, maybe seven fifty tops. Okay, I'm outside the theater, pick me up, bye." The man disconnected his call and placed his phone back in his pocket, not knowing Ashlin and Drake were behind him.

Ashlin and Drake looked at each other, this was their chance. Drake held up his hand, he was holding three fingers up to start a countdown. Ashlin got ready, as soon as Drake dropped his fingers they jumped on the man.

"Who the hell are you two brats!" The man exclaimed as he kicked at the twins.

"Friends of Kanda Maise," Drake said coldly as if he tried to strike fear in the man's heart, they held the man down until Xam met them.

At Kanda's dressing room...

"And that's how we got the ring back," Ashbin finished the story.

"Thank you both," Kanda thanked the twins.

"Hey Kanda, so you and that man grew up together at Daltrivia? How, that's only for military personal isn't it?" Ashlin asked.

"You see, back then, the families of the soldiers stationed there were allowed to live there. My father was a soldier and one day he packed his bags and told us we were moving to Daltrivia." Kanda paused and found a cup of water to drink from. "That man from the ballet was my neighbor, he was nice, but sadly, he was a thief."

"He hasn't changed then," Ashlin added.

"Ashlin!" Xam shouted.

"It's okay Xamuel, she has a point." The room went silent once again, after a few minutes, Ashlin decided to break the ice.

"So...ummm...when are you guys getting," Ashlin began.

"We are getting married next month," Xam told Ashlin.

"What!" Drake and Ashlin exclaimed.
One month later...

"I do," Kanda answered, her wedding dress was beautiful, it had one strap and a flower pinned to her shoulder, a long train was lying on the ground behind where she stood, and the dress seemed like a twist on a ball gown, perfect for a ballet star.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride," the priest told Xam and Kanda.

Xam kissed her on the lips while keeping an eye on Ashlin to see her reaction, she made a gag gesture. When they were down Xam had a grin on his face and almost couldn't stop himself from laughing at his little sister. He had picked Kanda up and carried her out the door, Drake and Ashlin soon followed their brother to his X-Kar. They were starting a new life that they hoped would be better than the life they had.


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Re: Story Time: Everyone's War Chapters 1-5 are up

Post by Squirrel500 on Mon May 05, 2014 8:03 pm

Chapter 4: Love and War

Tigru City, 2074

"Ashlin, could you help me with the laundry?" Kanda asked as she hung a blanket on the clothesline.

"Ummm....sure Kanda," Ashlin replied sheepishly as she joined Kanda at the clothesline, she helped put a shirt on the line.

"Did you hear, the soldiers of Daltrivia have been seen treading into cities and towns throughout the country," Kanda mentioned to Ashlin as she tried to break the ice. Kanda and Ashlin were finally starting to get along, but they still were distant at times.

"I heard about that," Ashlin paused, she was quick to defend what Kanda had just said, "It's just a rumor, a stupid rumor, just like the talk about us going to war with Hilma."

"Hilma? Why would Hilma want to invade us? I mean, they are so far north that even if they did want to attack, well, why?" Kanda thought out loud.

"Rumor is they are quickly running out of resources and what little resources they have are buried deep under glaciers."

"Really?” Kanda paused and hung a pair of pants on the line, almost appearing to be lost in thought, “What do you think Xamuel's making us for dinner?"

"I'm sure he will make something good, he always does," Ashlin replied as she turned to look at Kanda, Kanda seemed to be in a trance. "Something on your mind Kanda?"

"It's nothing Ashlin, I just need to discuss something with your brother," Kanda answered.

"What Kanda? You can tell me if there's something wrong," Ashlin said with curiosity in her voice.

"Ash! Kanda! Dinner's ready!" They turned to see Drake standing in the doorway of the house waving at them.

Ashlin and Kanda entered the house; they could see Drake standing by the over. They could smell the pleasant scent of soup and spices cooking away in a large pot. Kanda scanned the room; Xam was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Xamuel?" Kanda question, Drake looked up from the oven to look at her.

"He had an errand to run and put me in charge of dinner. He should be back soon Kanda," Drake replied.

"Don't poison us bro," Ashlin told her brother sarcastically.

"Haha, since when did you learn sarcasm Ash?" Drake asked her.

"I think I'm going to turn the radio on," Kanda thought out loud, Ashlin and Drake could tell that she was acting nervously. Kanda walked over to the radio and flipped the on switch, the news show was about to start.

"This just in, Hilma, our snow covered nation to the north, has invaded our neighbor Aroura's northern border. Reports say that the have almost completely crippled Aroura's government, leaving some to fear that we are next on their list.

President Meeks has implored to the head military officials to ship the soldiers at Daltivia to various towns and cities throughout our nation. Doing so will help our citizens feel safe and may also increase recruitment for the military which has been steadily decreasing for some time now. This has been the news..." The news reporter seemed cool and collected, even though he had just delivered ill tidings.

"Great a war! We don't need a war! Not now!" Kanda was acting very strange now, jumpy and scared all at once.

"Kanda!" she turned to Ashlin who now had her hand on Kanda's shoulder. "You've been acting nervous for quite some time now. Sit down and rest, I will turn the radio off."

"No, no, no, it's okay, really, I just need a cool drink and to speak with Xam," Kanda told Ashlin. Ashlin grabbed a glass and filled it with water, placing it in front of Kanda. "Thank you," Kanda said as she took a big gulp of water, she was now calmer than before.

"We all have to make sacrifices when times are dark. Together we can make these dark days bright, all we need is your help. We need you to buy war bonds and sign up at your local recruitment office today! This has been a message from the military and paid for by President Meeks."
Ashlin turned the radio off when she saw that Kanda was still nervous. A train wreck was sitting at their table; Ashlin had no idea what to do to help Kanda.

"You think they'll need pilots?" Drake asked as he peeked in Ashlin's direction.

"We are not at war bro! And we both know Xam's feelings about that matter," Ashlin quickly replied.

"Hey, a guy can dream can't he?" Drake grinned as he brought a pot filled with soup to the table, a loaf of wheat bread, and what appeared to be a strawberry tart to follow it. "Looks like Xam's going to be late for dinner. More for me then!"

"Wait!" Kanda exclaimed, "We should wait for your brother, Xamuel should be here soon, I hope."

"Don't worry Kanda, we'll wait," Ashlin reassured her.

They waited for almost an hour, Kanda's eyes locked on the door. She was beginning to fear the worst.

"Sorry I'm late guys!" Xam exclaimed as he ran through the door and into the kitchen.

"Where the hell have you....bro?" Ashlin seemed shocked as she looked at her brother. Xam stood in front of them with a faded tan army uniform on.

"You didn't! You fucking didn't!" Kanda was angry with him, her nervousness was gone and anger fill the gap. The once graceful young woman, who never would swear, just used the F word to her husband.

"Kanda, please, I can explain, just listen," Xam spoke very softly to Kanda as if to calm her.

"Bastard!" Kanda shouted as she threw her water glass at Xam and quickly ran outside.

"What's with her?" Xam questioned as he turned his attention to Ashlin, "What did you say to her?"

"I didn't tell her anything Xam. She's been nervous all day and told me she needed to discuss something with you," Ashlin answered.

"And we had the radio on, the talk about war made her freak out," Drake added.

"Okay, reheat the food, we'll be in soon," Xam told the twins. He headed in the direction that Kanda had gone, finding her sitting by one of the posts of the clothesline. "The twins told me you needed to talk to me, is something wrong Kanda?"

"I don't think I can discuss it right now. Why did you join the army Xamuel? Why?" Kanda asked with a tear running down her face. Xam wiped it away and sat next to her.

"I felt like I had to. Kanda, we're not in war yet, but I felt like I had to join." Xam told her as he looked into her eyes.

"I, I'm pregnant Xamuel," Kanda had strong emotion in her voice.

"Wha....what!" Xam exclaimed.

"I'm pregnant," Kanda paused, "I don't want a war; I don't want our child to be born into a world filled with war and not knowing peace." Kanda wiped more tears away from her eyes. Xam hugged her as if to make amends.

"I'm sorry Kanda, I should have discussed it with you before I joined,” Xam held her close.

"It's okay, I should have told you once I found out," she whispered in his ear.

"Will you still be able to dance in the ballet next week?" Xam asked his wife, he hoped this would change the subject.

"Of course Xamuel! You better be there too!" Kanda was now smiling and she looked at Xam.

"Haha, I think you have been around Ashlin and Drake way to long Kanda, haha" Xam chuckled with glee. Kanda followed him by laughing herself.

"Hehe, let's just go eat, hehe," Kanda held out her arms and Xam picked her up, kissing her when she was on her feet. Xam lifted Kanda in the air and cradled her in his arms; he carried her back into the house. "This reminds me of our wedding day," their eyes met and once again and they kissed.

Xam sat Kanda in her chair when they had made it to the kitchen. He took his place by the table just as Ashlin and Drake were bringing them their food; they took their seats opposite of each other at the table.

"As you probably can tell, I joined the army," Xam said.

"Well no shit Sherlock, we could have figured that out ourselves," Ashlin replied.

"Ashlin!" Xam exclaimed.

"Sorry bro," Ashlin answered as she held her head low.

"Now as I was saying, I joined the army. Don't worry, as of right now, I am not on active duty. If we were to sign a war declaration, then I'm afraid I may be shipped off to war." Kanda and the twins sat in pure silence. "If that happens, which it may not, Ashbin, I want you to help Kanda with the baby when it's born."

"What!" Ashlin was shocked. "You're having a baby?" She asked Kanda with a stunned look.

"Yes, that's what I wanted to discuss with Xamuel," Kanda answered.

"Now, let's forget what I did tonight, we will live as if I never joined. Next week we will attend Kanda's ballet. Understood?" Xam asked his siblings.

"Yes sir!" The twins replied.

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Re: Story Time: Everyone's War Chapters 1-5 are up

Post by Squirrel500 on Mon May 05, 2014 8:07 pm

Chapter 5: Meeting Sargent Downs

One week later....

"Miss Kanda, you need to get into costume," the stage manager told Kanda.

"Alright, alright, just let me kiss my hubby here goodbye," Kanda kissed Xam, she had no idea that this would be the last time she would be able to kiss him. "You'll be watching the ballet from the balcony?"

"Yeah that's where I will be Kanda, the twins will be there as well," Xam told Kanda as he held her in his arms. "Listen, I have to leave early, my recruiter wanted me to check in with him before his office closed."

"Is that why you are in your uniform?" Kanda asked.

"Yes, sorry, should have told you," Xam answered.

"It's okay Xamuel, can we meet up after the show for some dinner?"

"Sure, just us?"


"I'll send the twins home then,” Xam said with a grin.

"Get going Xamuel, hehe," Kanda giggled as she jostled Xam out the door, she would go straight to costume after that.

Xam walked through the labyrinth of hallways until he found the stairs. A curtain hid the steep staircase from the public, only a select few were allowed to sit in the balcony section. As Xam began to climb the staircase, he was stopped by a tug on his shoulder, to his surprise; he turned to see two men in uniforms.

"Mr. Torlun?" One of the men growled.

"Yes, what do you want?" Xam cautiously asked.

"I'm afraid you are shipping out," the other man barked.

"You serious? When?" Xam questioned with a feeling of disbelief.

"Tonight!" Both men exclaimed, they were like two guard dogs following the commands of their master and had little sense of emotion.

"Tonight, no I can't! I promised my wife I would..."

"Sorry, orders are orders Mr. Torlun," one of them said.

"We will send someone to inform your wife. Now would you please come with us," the other told Xam. He turned back to the balcony, he knew Ashlin and Drake were waiting for him and he knew Kanda would be searching for him when she was on stage. Xam was powerless now; he had to follow the guard dog like men.

Xam followed them to a truck that was parked by the theater's front doors. One of the men motioned to Xam to get into the cab of the truck. He turned back to the theater to see one of the men slip an usher a piece of paper, Xam could see that "Kanda Maise" had been written on it.

"Would you hurry up! We have to get going!" The driver screamed. Xam noticed the man who had given the piece of paper to the usher was now sitting next to him. The leathered seats of the truck's cab were like ice and a window was broken on the driver's side, causing wind to escape into the cab.

The driver drove through a variety of streets, passing every type of business imaginable. They zoomed by buildings of ever color and shape, Tigru City was filled with empty streets at twilight. The driver pulled up to a recruiting center and the man next to Xam got out of the truck.

"Sargent Downs is waiting for you in his office, better hurry," the driver told Xam coldly.

"Okay, you guys will make sure my wife knows?" Xam asked.

"Yeah sure, someone will tell her, now get the fuck out of my sight," the driver said as he stared in out the windshield.

"Asshole," Xam mumbled as he got out of the truck.

Xam walked toward a red brick building, posters for the army and air corps hung in the windows. The light glowing from behind the window blinded Xam, he felt the side of the building until he found a door. He looked up to see "Sargent H. Downs Recruitment Center" was painted in the middle of the door. He opened the door and stepped into the light, he could see a foyer with a desk to the side of the door and a young woman sitting behind it.

"I'm here to see Sargent Downs,:" Xam told the woman.

"Name?" The woman asked as she pop a bubblegum bubble between her lips.

"Torlun, Xamuel Torlun."

"Let's see if you're on the list," the woman said as she skimmed through a list of names on a clip board. "You in the army corps?"


"Go right in, daddy, I mean Sargent Downs is waiting for you,": the woman told Xam as she pointed toward a door in the back of the room.

"Ah, thanks miss," Xam replied, not sure what the young woman was thinking.

He walked to the door the woman had pointed at; it was located on the farthest wall of the room and just to the left of the woman's desk. As Xam turned the door knob, a short, almost bald man, ran out from behind the door,
it had to be Sargent Downs.

"Ah Torlun, I see my boys found ya, they didn't get rough did they?" Downs asked.

", I wished they would have waited till after my wife's ballet to get me," Xam answered him.

"What? Your wife is more important than defending your country against the evil, filthy Hilmans?" Downs questioned with the sense of anger.

"I guess not, but my wife," Xam began to explain.

"That's right you're married to Kanda Maise. You have no idea how many men have wanted to dance with her. Haha," Downs winked at that statement and
Xam's hands turned into fists, it took all his energy not to punch Downs. "You know I only kid. Suga," he turned to the woman at the desk, "bring me and Mister Torlun some scotch."

"Yes Daddy Downs," she answered.

"And have one of my boys get me an autographed picture of Miss Maise, I'd like to add it to my Wall of Dolls."

Again Xam felt like punching Downs, but he didn't. By now anger was visible in his eyes.

"Yes Daddy," the woman answered as if she were his slave.

"Isn't she wonderful Torlun? You can take her for a ride later, haha," Downs winked again. "Now let's go to my office.

Xam followed him into his office, still feeling an urge to attack Downs.

Downs had his Wall of Dolls on the wall to the right of his desk. He had thirty plus pictures of half-naked to naked women pinned up on the wall, this gave Xam a feeling of disgust. Two green leathered chairs were sitting in front of an old oak antique desk and Down's had two flags on the each side of the desk. He took a seat in a huge brown chair behind it and he motioned for Xam to sit in one of the green chairs.

"So Torlun, as you may already know, you are to be shipped out tonight," Downs told Xam.

"Yes, does that mean Hilma has declared war?" Xam questioned the Sargent.

"Yes, it seems those greedy bastards need more resources, apparently what Aroura could provide them wasn't enough for them," Downs replied as he lit a cigar, he held out the cigar box to Xam, but Xam showed no interest.

The door opened and the woman from the desk walked in with two shot glasses and a bottle of scotch. The woman placed the glasses and scotch on Downs' desk. She then walked over to Downs and placed one of her legs on his lap.

"Thank you Suga, here's a little something for your troubles," Downs placed some money in her bra, "now git," he pinched her bottom; she yelped and walked slowly to the door. "Doesn't she have a fine ass Torlun?"

"Sargent! Can we please stay on the subject of me getting shipped out," Xam told him.

"You're no fun Torlun, live a little," Downs answered, "but as for your shipping orders, you are going to be sent to Highho Hill."

"That's west of here, near the Aroura Border?" Xam asked, not completely sure where he was being sent.

"Correct, we need to take that hill mainly because, our Intel suggests that the Hilmans need that hill as a lookout point and possible a mortar launch area," Downs downed a glass of scotch and Xam followed by taking a gulp from his glass.

"When do I leave?" Xam asked.

"As soon as possible, I'll have one of my boys drive you to the airport," Xam had a vision of one of the men from the theater, it frightened him, "And one more thing Torlun, as of right now you will be serving as a Captain, congrats," Downs added before he took another swig of scotch.

Xam stared at Downs for a moment and then he got up to leave. He passed through the door way and walked by the woman's desk, she seemed to be sleeping in an exhausted state. When Xam had just made it to the exit he turned around briefly to see Downs appearing from his office.

"Suga! Get your ass over here, Daddy Downs needs a little fun!" Downs exclaimed.

"What a jerk," Xam thought as he opened the front door. It had begun to mist outside and the wind had picked up, Xam made haste as he ran for the truck in front of him. "You going to take me to the airport?" He asked the driver as he climbed into the cab.

"Yes sir, you getting shipped out?" The driver asked Xam.

"Yes, they gave me plenty of time, I found out an hour ago," Xam answered.

"That bastard Downs has done that to every single man who he has recruited," the driver told him.

"He seems like a jerk to me."

Back at the theater....

"Oh Ashlin, where is Xamuel?" Kanda asked, the ballet was now over and they were sitting in Kanda's dressing room.

"To be honest, I haven't seen him since we left home, didn't he has to meet his recruiter?" Ashlin questioned.

"That's right, I forgot Xamuel mentioned that, I hope he shows up soon," Kanda answered Ashlin.

"You know, when I think about it, I haven't seen Drake either."

"Yes where is he, I thought he was with you Ashlin."

"He was sitting with me in the balcony," Ashlin paused, "then he just got up and left halfway through the ballet without saying a word."


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