Mass Effect 3 Dreaming Of An Amazing Ending.

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Mass Effect 3 Dreaming Of An Amazing Ending.

Post by Bearhugger29 on Thu May 15, 2014 7:01 am

Now before i even begin on my rant about this, I wanna make one thing clear. The Indoc theory while i still believe 100% in it. I believe the lines between reality and fiction is a form of Art and Bioware has created one of the most controversial endings known to man or Did Bioware create something more that is beyond what most gamers just don't even understand or completely went over there head. Let me explain as to why so many people are pissed off about the ending and why I don't blame them but have been blind sided by a character and not the effects of the narrative standpoint.

Before ME3 got released, I remember reading about the leaked ending and how the ending was related to dark matter. Well Clearly Bioware had to piece together an ending within 2 months in order to meet EA release deadline. Yet was it a rushed ending or did Bioware actually have a plan that involved a second ending or a backup ending?. Well as 90% of people would agree that Bioware rushed it, Yet the opposite could also apply. Upon playing all 3 games and beating 2 and 3 twice now. I studied the outcomes and paid close attention to the main narrative. All the choices you end up picking through the game paragon or renegade will result the same output in the ending of ME3. Yet the question remains as to why. Why must we pick these 3 choices and why is there even a Synthesis option to begin which makes zero sense to the lore and story outcome or perhaps Shepard is just stuck in a dream state after getting knocked out by Harbinger's beam, After all dreams do play a key part in ME3 more on that later. Remember when Shepard took down that Reaper and the Reaper said to Shepard "Your mind will be ours" this is said 3 times, twice in Mass Effect 3 and once in the arrivel DLC for ME2. Now what does this mean to be exact. Well it's quite simple. In the Leviathan DLC, Leviathan himself states to Shepard that the Reapers find him a threat. Which explains why the reapers never bothered to destroy Shepard in the first place. Even though there was numerous times Harbinger could of easily killed Shepard but didn't. Interesting right, most people would believe its part of the stories sake to keep players going through out the game, while that is true no doubt but if we put ourselves directly into the narrative and step outside of Reality. It doesn't make sense at all from a narrative stand point. The Reapers want Shepard alive and try to indoc him but fail with each attempt. Dreams are another aspect that plays a huge clue to the ending of ME3 that most fans ignored or bitched and complained to Bioware about how they are pointless to the main story and just an annoying factor.

Again this is a fact that Bioware has these dreams in the game that you have to control and cannot be skipped. In other words, there in there for a reason and do indeed play a key important aspect within the narrative. Cause when we manage to see all 3 dream scenes they get more and more intense each time. Starting from pretty much just running towards the kid, leading to whispers of your fallen allies and oily shadows to a more intense whispering along with Shepard and the kid burning. This implies to the player that Shepard will fail his main goal in stopping the reapers. The reason for the Kid showing up at the beginning of the game is just a fragment of Shepard's mind. A fragment that haunts his dreams that shows the player he couldn't even save a single child let along defeat the Reapers once and for all no matter how many allies he brings with him.

Now as for the Crucible, not once through out the game do we know what this device even does. It's never clear what it does cause there is no evidence or clear statement made by anyone as to what the outcome will achieve with the Crucible. That's why the ending isn't suppose to make sense, the player needs to understand from a narrative standpoint that the starchild (Which is a reaper of course since he took on a fragment of shepard's mind. Remember the kid is just in shepards head) Is nothing more then a lying sack of shit reaper who is trying to fill shepards head with non sense. Telling Shepard that the destroy is the wrong choice and when he explains to Shepard about the control aspect, his voice changes and sounds somewhat more mellow. Which is suppose to get the player to believe that Control is the right choice and getting Shepard to give in to the Indoctrination, same rules apply to the Synthesis option which everyone knows that choice is 100% completely wrong. Also the line when he states "I know you thought about destroying US." is a dead give away that he's just a straight up Reaper in the form of the star child. Let alone with the EC DLC , when you deny the choices, you can clearly hear him say "SO BE IT" a rather deeper tone to that of Harbinger himself.

Now the last bit that is also a huge thing and also makes no sense at all when I hear people counter attack this argument. Is the whole Shepard alive on the Citadel. Are you fucking kidding me, its impossible for Shepard to survive that explosion giving the fact that's still in the Citadel tower, hell even in the Crucible itself which blows up after the shock wave effect. So you mean to tell me that the Crucible is still intact? Fuck off with that nonsense. He's back on earth and It wouldn't make sense any other way.

Anyways, the answers have been in front of our face across all 3 games. Sure I will admit that Bioware may have half assed the ending to a small degree but it does NOT make the ending horrible by any means. I'm pretty much wasting my time writing this thread but fuck it. I love the fact that Mass Effect Trilogy is just one big Jigsaw puzzle in my head and 99% of the fans could not even figure it out because they were looking at the character and not the narrative itself. Which is understandable. I'm glad I enjoy this theory cause it makes the most sense and clues across each game makes this theory perfect. Also I leave you with this outstanding youtube series called Choice Wisely. Amazing 4 part mini series explaining the events as I just stated but a more improved and explanation stand point that puts it into a more proper perspective.


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Re: Mass Effect 3 Dreaming Of An Amazing Ending.

Post by -Mazer on Thu May 15, 2014 5:30 pm

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