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The Collection

Post by -Mazer on Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:24 am

So....I have a game that I am actually going to start work on shortly...

It's called "Collector" and it's a menu-based game with character dialogue. You are a collector and you need to manage your time, money, and relationships while trying to collect dvds, figurines, and trading cards.

Every action takes time out of your day and you'll need to manager your fatigue, employment, your love life, and money to try to build the biggest collection possible. Game Over happens if you lose your girl/boyfriend, get fired, lose all your money, Or end up in the hospital from being too fatigued.

Current Actions:
• Work (between 5 -8 hours)
• Dates (between 2-5 hours)
• Sleep (Player Chooses as low as 1 hour as high as 9)
• Meals (15-30 minutes)
• Internet Search (Player chooses time. As low as 30 minutes, as high as 2 hours)
Items to collect:
• Cards
• Figures
• Special Edition Releases
• Autographed Posters/Dvds
Where to get items:
• UBid (online auction)
• Clark's List (need to pick up)
• (Online shop)
• GameGo (Need to pick up)
• Box Store (Need to pick up)
How to Get Items
• Ubid App - will let you know when/if the product you are bidding on gets out bid or if you win. If you have low signal, you may not get an update on the App.
• Morning/Midnight Release: Risk losing sleep to get in line for early morning/midnight releases.
• Tweeter: Learn of limited flash releases and decide the next action to take. This can lead to players deciding to leave a date early or leave work early.
• Shopping: The easiest but sometimes more expensive way to obtain objects. Just buy the item in person or online when it comes out.


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Re: The Collection

Post by Koenig on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:23 am

I really like the sound of this game.  Do you think you will be able to add more mechanics in the long run?

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